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Everything You Need to Know About Innovative Packaging Design

Author: Elizabeth Max
Innovation ensures us a promising future. Inventing something new is a difficult job. It takes years of experience and determination to do something new, which can solve the masses' problems and ease them. If you look around, all the things you see are the result of some innovation. All the innovations took place by ensuring comfort for the masses. Innovation in the packaging design can set a benchmark in the market and can make your product superior to the rest. Innovation in the packaging line has increased the product’s life. It has also made it easy for delivery purposes. Before that, delivering food was such a difficult task, but now it is an easy task.

The niche of packaging designs is a fusion of art, science, and engineering. This fusion has brought some exciting innovations to the world, which have addressed the contemporary problems. Let's find out some innovative packaging ideas and designs.

Categories of Innovation in Packaging Field:

Innovation in the packaging industry can be categorized in three fields:
  • Innovation in Material
  • Innovation in Design
  • Innovation for Cost Cutting

1. Innovation in Material

i) Eco-Friendly Packaging:

The demand for eco-friendly packaging material is booming because of its feature. The world has faced severe global warming issues like extreme weather, droughts, and increased temperature.

Packaging waste has an immense contribution to global warming, and the world is now turning to green energy, and environmentally sustainable packaging is one such move. Different eco-friendly packaging’s are:

  • Paper Packaging
  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Wooden Packaging
  • Bio-Plastic Packaging

ii) Corrugated Box Packaging:

Corrugated boxes are being used for the storage of products and delivery businesses. These corrugated boxes are made up of cardboard, eco-friendly and provides extra support to products, which avoids damage.

The demand for these boxes is increasing day by day. Precious items like glass products and decor pieces were difficult to deliver because of damage threats. Corrugated box packaging has made it easy because it provides extra support to products and avoids damage.

iii) Metal Packaging:

Metal packaging is also a handy innovation in this market. This metal packaging has increased the product's life. These are also very easy to store and carry out from one place to another. Different cosmetics and food companies use metal containers to store their products. Beverages cans and deodorant containers are the prime examples of this packaging.

iv) Glossy Packaging:

Bright and glossy look packaging is also an innovative idea. Glossy material is used, which gives a shine and polished look to the packaging. Sometimes, to reduces the cost, and just glossy sheets are wrapped around the packaging.

v) Customized Packaging:

Customize packaging idea has given the ease to select a packaging of their required size, design, and colors. It is handy for the custom orders of some products. It is also used for gift packaging etc.

2. Innovations in Designs:

i) Reusable Design:

A design of the packaging that serves the purpose of packaging can be reused for some other purpose. For example, for honey packaging, a class is used with the plastic lid, which can be used for other purposes after fulfilling the packaging job. Different jars of food and cosmetic products do the same.

ii) Witty Design:

Hummer helps to connect more people with your product. It makes them happy. They relate witty packaging design with different situations, events, and other people, adding more people to the pool. Children also like their favorite cartoon characters on the product packaging, and they purchase those products.

iii) Easy to Carry:

A packaging design should be easy to carry things. Like a small string with the food-bag makes it handy. A plastic lid over the coffee cup adds the benefit. More people connect to your products, and it also helps to boost sales. Furthermore, add something extra which makes your product packaging handier and adds value to it. Some examples can be:
  • A paper/plastic lid over a coffee cup
  • A cardboard knife with a Pizza box
  • A spoon with a jar

iv) Readymade Gift Box Design:

People love to give gifts to their friends and family members. Packaging gift is a difficult task, and everyone cannot do this. For this purpose, he or she needs someone's help. A ready-made gift box packaging can help those people. It will make things easy for them, and they will prefer to use your product than others.

v) Sticker Design:

The use of colorful stickers instead of creating Kraft design is also very useful to engage more people. A person will have the choice to select the sticker for his product packaging. It can also help to reduce the packaging design.

vi) Puzzles and Mystery Design:

Puzzles and mysteries in packaging designs also attract the audience. It also gives them a pleasant unboxing experience of the product. These puzzles and riddles trigger emotions and persuade people to purchase those products.

vii) Folding Design:

A folding design provides many layers of packaging material. It helps to separate products from one another. Moreover, it provides extra support due to multi-layers, which avoids damage. This packaging design is very useful for bakery products. It will separate them from one another, and it will help to maintain their taste. Furthermore, folding packaging design helps to save storage space. It provides the ease to assemble the packaging box on demand. Pizza boxes and Cake boxes are designed according to this technique.

viii) Pattern Design:

This design is a fusion of colors and objects. It gives a luxury look to the packaging, which enhances the product value. Different patterns give glossy look by using different colors, which is more attractive.

ix) Descriptive Design:

Descriptive packaging designs elaborate the features of your product in detail. The customer gets a better understanding of the product and its benefits. It also helps to increase sales. Different companies that give their product recipes on the packaging have led them to increase their revenue.

3. Innovation for Cost Cutting

The innovation of packaging products helps to reduce the cost of packaging. Different low-cost materials have replaced expensive ones.
  • Plastic sheets have replaced the glass. It has flexibility, which reduces the chance of damage. It is also very cheaper than glass.
  • Paintings and Crafts are being replaced by stickers and labels, which reduces the overall cost of packaging.
  • Disposable food packaging made up of paper and cards is much cheaper than plastic and other materials.
  • Several products that are made up of recycled plastic are cheap in price. Chemical bottles, plastic bottles, liquid soap bottles, etc., are made from the recycled material, which reduces the product cost.
  • Innovative packaging design are kept compact, which uses less material and provides proper support to the product.
  • This compact technique also helps to reduce the cost of packaging and the cost of the product.

Wrapping Up:

Innovation is necessary for development. Innovation helps to figure out contemporary problems. It also makes our life easy by solving the issue and making things easy for us. As for as packaging is concerned, innovation is very necessary for this field. Every day new businesses are emerging and creating more competition. In the age of competition, you need to think ahead to be in this competition. Innovative packaging designs help to compete and make your product superior to the rest. You need to find new materials, try a new combination of materials, and bring new packaging designs. It will help you to reach your targeted customers and will also help to generate more business. The world has witnessed many innovations in the packaging industry, but global warming and pollution are still there. This industry has a lot of potential to grow by bringing more creative minds, which brings solutions instead of problems.


Q: What makes a laudable packaging design?

Your packaging must give visual uniqueness through different elements, such as finishing, add-ons, and more, to capture your attention.

Q: How to make my custom boxes more attractive?

  • Design your product packaging in the development process
  • Keep it simple
  • Include Branding
  • Identify its selling point
  • Consider typography

Q: What is a packaging design?

It encompasses the form, structure, materials, and color choices as well as instructions to use on the packaging itself, in addition to imagery and typography.

Q: What packaging material is best for customization?

Paperboard is a versatile material that can be cut and shaped to create custom packaging. This makes it the perfect choice for personalization.

Q: What design is commendable for packaging?

Pattern and polka dots are trendy and leave a great impression on customers. We recommend you to opt for this.

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