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6 Best Packaging Design Ideas That Retailers Can Incorporate

Author: Elizabeth Max

Retail packaging concept has become a good marketing partner. Since it is part of the branding and processes, it also has a significant impact on the marketing of a company and the distribution of the products. Creative retail packaging design is almost as critical as the consistency of the items. Various considerations need to be weighed when designing and deciding on the product's unique retail packaging concept. Some brands adopt exclusive personalized retail & label packaging, and others make a few changes to their competitor's packaging style.

The retail packaging comes in every form, scale, substance, and color for all kinds of product imaginable. It provides the first experience of the product, but it still reflects the company as a whole. A product might be great with an equally killer logo, but an excellent, trendy, on-brand, innovative packaging is what really seals the deal. In reality, a package looks on a shelf or how a box feels in our hands. It can easily be a factor in our decision to buy a product. Retail packaging designs give customers a taste of what they should get from your brand. They draw interest and persuade customers to make a purchase. Esthetics really matter when it comes to the buying power of a product. If your product is not packaged in such packaging that needs care and exudes authority, then your product will continue to line up shelves.

For this purpose, you need an exceptional packaging that can make your brand the first choice of the customers. Here are some retail packaging designs, that can help you to be the market leader.

6 Best Packaging Design Ideas

1) Reusable Packaging:

The retail industry is mature and highly competitive, so you would imagine that there are few particularly new innovations when it comes to retail packaging. If you are thinking about ordinary packaging, you're mistaken because consumer trends are different. For instance, the product itself is different, and the production of retail packaging is exceptional; just watching at some of the packaging of the liquid products, you will be wondered by seeing the creativity in the packaging. The drink comes packed in a standard high drink with a lid and a transparent shrink wrap sticker. It says on the label: remove the label, hold the glass. People get their desired product, plus they get a free mug. There's no reason to think about recycling here because people are going to reuse the packaging.

These reusable packaging give the best deal to the customer because they will not only utilize the product, but they will also enjoy the benefits of the packaging. Retailors love to have this kind of retail packaging because it is advantageous for their businesses.

2) Sustainable Cardboard Packaging:

The customers think about the environment and strive to protect it in the best they can. Any retail packaging design firms have monetized this sentiment and developed eco-friendly retail packaging designs. The little brown color is still related to this trend, and it often emphasizes the mood of the company. Choosing recyclable retail packaging promotes ordering as well as consumer satisfaction. The customers in the market are willing to pay extra for packaging that encourages them to use it again for transportation, other uses, or even recycling. When you use consistent packaging materials, consumers can dispose of all packaging in the same location. It will help to improve the recycling trend for retail packaging. As people are willing to pay a little extra for sustainable packaging, so this fact is very helpful for the retailers. By fulfilling the public demand for sustainable packaging, they can boost their businesses.

3) Simple and Elegant:

Many manufacturers follow a simplified approach to their personalized retail packaging. They build a sophisticated, futuristic style on a flat or neutral backdrop. These packaging styles are considered to be predominant in the metropolitan market. The variations can be different, but the theme stays the same. Just four items are seen in a single-colored box:
  • product name
  • slogan
  • product beauty shot
  • product details
These plain designs give a premium look to the products, which adds value to them and helps to boost sales. Many companies in the market use plain and simple packaging for their products, and Apple is one of those companies. But every company does not use simple packaging for a premium look; some companies use it to reduce the printing cost. When we talk about retail businesses, retailers have a subscription for various products which they need to deliver at the customer’s doorstep. These customers demand packaging that is good in quality but is cheap in price; these plain packagings are the best option for these clients because they do not need to pay extra for the luxurious printing.

4) Bold and Attractive:

Customized retail packaging styles for supermarket businesses require bright colors and expanded secondary highlights. These daring decisions have performed exceptionally well for most brands, and the mix has served as a distinction. Companies outside of those markets have adopted this approach and have experimented with various color schemes. These custom retail packaging designs also include a variety of textures and shapes. Different techniques help retailers to design and excellent retail packaging.

The use of colorful and attractive labels and stickers is a common practice in the market. Most of the stickers are written on white or transparent paper, although there are also other choices open to you. One style that you might recommend is the use of metal foil on your labeling or packaging. In a good design, the metallic look can be very striking as compared to the same white design, and it's not that much more costly.

5) Unique Shapes:

The retail structure packaging for the supermarket product packaging has a specific magnetic draw against the product. The design distinguishes a product, and the special shapes also function to the advantage of the product. This includes packaging as well as exterior packaging for the brand. Retail packaging production firms create an impact on the shape rather than just the design of the box. The wrapping of the package is one of the most popular forms of packaging of the retail product. Box shape packaging comes with all smooth edges, pointed edges, and made of all sorts of materials. However, there is a tremendous space for creativity in this form, such as the placement of the opening as well as the pattern represented in it. The use of different types of material for personalized retail packaging boxes and the addition of sharp corners is strongly advocated in the box style of packaging. Our favorite chocolate bar, as well as the most feared syrup, comes in the cuboid form. The shape, scale, and orientation of the lid play a crucial role in this form of packaging. Most of these companies use the top and bottom lid method in these packages. While it is the most popular kind, there is a great deal of space for creativity in this kind. The circle or round shape pattern is closely followed in the beauty, beverage, and luxury sectors. This type of supermarket product packaging design is available in different sizes, and the lid has a wide range of developments. Most businesses and brands create their individuality through their distinctive covers and caps. Various product design packaging for the retail sector is developed on a daily basis by graphic design firms. Multi-Sided Box designs are far from getting on the market. There has been a significant amount of organizational complexity in this form. The form has become a hit in the specialty industry. Though, mass productions in multiple-sided forms may be a distant dream. This form is increasingly infiltrating the industry by its understanding and exposure. Custom supermarket shipping boxes do not need to have a distinctive shape. Consistency can, however, be retained when opting for this form of innovative retail packaging design. Any graphic designers challenge themselves to provide the user with physical as well as sensually appealing shapes. This could be a mixture of different shapes.

6) Funny Retail Packaging:

Funny retail packaging doesn't just have to be for children; After all, adults enjoy having fun, too. The bright colors and odd forms that dominate children's products may work in adult products, but a more nuanced approach is typically stronger. Most of the industries have begun to welcome a bit more fun with their packaging. Only take a walk to the nearest drug store and see all the funny animals on the wine bottles these days. You will see penguins, kangaroos, frogs, pigs, swans, and even more critters on wine labels. You might not be ready for a penguin-shaped wine bottle, but a bright penguin label will add an element of excitement and really stand out from the more conservative wine labels. These funny elements attract the customers and help them to promote their businesses.

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