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5 Tips for Jewelry Packaging That Gives Memorable Unboxing Experience

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Jewelry products are almost common in every culture, and you can find them anywhere in the world. Jewelry products are an integral part of makeover. It gives confidence and overall help to enhance the beauty. You will find an endless range of jewelry items in the stores and online. Jewelers and jewelry-producing companies introduce beautiful jewelry designs to their customers. These products are also very common for gift purposes, and often these gifts are very expensive. Some people may think that giving jewelry as a gift is an old fashion, and these days several other expensive gift items are available in the market. But no other item can take the place of jewelry products. There are various jewelry brands in the market, who offer customized jewelry designs to their customers to give them a special feeling. This customization option is very helpful when it is being used as a gift.

The packaging of the jewelry is as important as the jewelry itself. The jewelry packaging helps to protect the product, helps in transportation, and beneficial for marketing purposes. The jewelry packaging should complement the product and should add value to the product. Apathetic jewelry packaging will give a cheap look to the product, reduce sales, and harm the brand's image in the public's eyes. Every jewelry manufacturer is not well aware of the quality jewelry packaging. These people specialize in product production, but they have no idea about the best packaging, features, necessity, and the latest trends. This article suggests the features of good jewelry packaging, its benefits, and how jewelry packaging can give a memorable experience to the customers. But here comes the question that why a pleasing unboxing experience is important in jewelry packaging. Let's the answer to this question.

Why Memorable Unboxing Experience Is Important?

A memorable unboxing experience helps the brands to increase brand loyalty and sales. It also helps to increase revenue and to establish the brand’s name in the competitive market. Let’s discuss the reason that why it is so important for jewelry products.

a) Gives a Good Brand’s Impression:

If you have an online jewelry business, you need to give the best impression of your brand to the customers. Your brand and your buyer require much fewer contact points in the online jewelry business than in the physical jewelry stores. So online shopping can feel impersonal easily, so it's important to take advantage of the touchpoints. The distribution moment is a brilliant time for consumers to affect the feeling of purchasing and to define your brand. Desirable jewelry packaging works wonderfully on the expectations of customers.

b) Increases Brand’s Loyalty:

Customer satisfaction is important, as customers can shift to other brands at any time. At least five buying orders are said to be 'loyal to a company by 37% of consumers. This is a fairly high standard. And how can you make sure you want to keep returning customers to your jewelry brand?

Many jewelers use online personalization or loyalty services to increase retention rates. While they are successful, it is also difficult to execute these techniques. A quicker and more efficient preservation approach is this unboxing experience. It's emotionally dependent. It gives a unique feeling to the customers and influences the buying decisions. The secret to people's return to your jewelry brand is this kind of customer empowerment through packaging.

c) Increases Product Value:

As a jewelry brand, you need to deliver more than a product if you want customers to purchase from you rather than your competitors. This is where you can give a memorable boxing experience. Few brands have crafted delicate jewelry packaging effectively. Their boxes are as popular as their offerings for jewelry. Their jewelry packagings alone complement their brand's promise:
  • Beauty
  • Luxury
  • Best Designs

Tips for Jewelry Packaging

1) Personalized Designs:

Consumers don't only purchase a product as they buy jewelry or watches. They buy the whole experience and the promise of the company. The packaging design impacts how buyers perceive goods, place both new and well-established brands in the premium market and help sustain brand values, marge, and sales. Here comes the question that who we can design the best jewelry packaging for our brand. So, the answer is not simple as the question. A range of elements is considered from the structure and working conditions, including materials, colors, logos, and the customers' demographic needs. A combination of all these elements paves the way to design a jewelry packaging that can-do wonders for your jewelry brand. In personalized jewelry packaging, the needs and demands of the customers are entertained as per their instructions. As jewelry products are given a gift, these demands can be according to the event, gift purpose, or message on the packaging. Because of personalization factors, gift-givers can express their emotions effectively, and a recipient gets a feeling of care and affection from the gift giver. Many companies offer these personalization’s for jewelry packaging. A customer can request the jeweler to make a personalized packaging as per his requirements.

2) Customized Printing:

Printing of the packaging is as important as the packaging itself. People prefer packaging with catchy prints, and the majority of the customers avoid plain boxes. It becomes more important when it comes to jewelry packaging. Jewelry is an expensive item; so, the packaging of these jewelry products should justify its nature. Customized prints help to grab the customer's attention and promote the business. Both these concepts of promotion and attraction are similar and different at the same time. If the jewelry packaging does not promote the brand, the sales will not increase. Similarly, if there is no such attraction element in the jewelry packaging, customers will avoid it. As a jeweler, you should have a good printing partner for packaging, giving you exciting packaging printing ideas for your business that promotes your brand and calls the customers. For the promotion, the brand logo, slogan, and tag-lines are printed on the packaging. Through these elements, a customer can identify your brand from a distance. And for customer attraction, pictures, colors, and illustrations are added to the jewelry packaging. Some jewelry brands add their product's picture to packaging because some jewelry products are packed in a manner that customer can't see them without opening the packaging. So, these product pictures give them an idea about the product design and shape.

3) Ensure Quality of Packaging:

The quality of jewelry packaging is important to secure the product. Some jewelry packagings are very sensitive and need special protection. A fine quality packaging does this job perfectly. These days several online jewelry businesses are emerging with every coming day. These businesses need to ship their jewelry items across the globe to their customers. This shipment requires protection from damage. Otherwise, a customer can claim the damage or can demand a refund. The protection of the product is a prime concern both for the jeweler and the customer. So, as the owner of a jewelry brand, do not compromise on the quality of the packaging. It will help to establish a favorable image of your brand in the eyes of the customers.

4) Fulfill Your Brand Promise:

Every brand has a promise to their customers so do the jewelry brands. You should fulfill the brand promise about the packaging. If your brand commits to use sustainable packaging, so always use eco-friendly material for the packaging. It will not only help your brand to grow but will help to save the environment. These days eco-friendly packaging is very trendy. Most of the brands are adopting this trend because of higher acceptability in the market.

Cardboard and corrugated material are the best for this purpose. You can see many jewelry brands use these cardboard and corrugated boxes for the packaging of their products. These materials provide proper support to the product, are easily customizable, and easy to print. Because of these features, the demand for these boxes is increasing day by day.

Think about your brand promise regarding the packaging and then adopt the packaging technique that fulfills the commitment.

5) Be Creative Consistent:

Being creative to design the jewelry packaging is not enough. You need to be creative consistent. These days every jewelry brand is looking forward to bring creative packaging ideas, so be creative consistent and bring more exciting packaging ideas one after another. These creative ideas help to set market trends and make your brand the market leader. If you are looking forward to escalating your business in the future, always come with new exciting packaging ideas that can make your jewelry brand superior to others. It establishes your good image in the market, and people start to prefer your brand, which gives you more business.


These days the packaging has become an integral part of branding for companies. Brands and companies have started to invest in this niche. They know the importance of good packaging to boost their businesses. Jewelry packaging is a little different from other’s product's packaging. Jewelers focus on the quality and aesthetics of the jewelry packaging because they need to ensure their products' safety, and they need to promote themselves. These tips are useful to understand the necessities and trends of quality jewelry packaging. By following these tips, you can boost your business.

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